Witness reports Manningtree

witness reports Manningtree

The compilation of Expert Witness reports is crucial to the outcome of many court proceedings. Reports must be compiled by an experienced, qualified, and reliable quantity surveyor who is able to bring genuine insight that can help guide a case towards a satisfactory conclusion.

If you require such a report, you will undoubtedly be searching for the best compiler of witness reports Manningtree has to offer. Thankfully, you can consider your search complete, as Derek Monnery Chartered Quantity Surveyors are able to produce Expert Witness reports that can be integral to justifying the costs that you are claiming.

What are Expert Witness Reports?

During a building dispute, there may be argument on the cost of construction or rebuilding efforts required to rectify the dispute. In this instance, the court will ask for an expert opinion on the true costs, so any settlement can be awarded accordingly.

Chartered Quantity Surveyors are the preferred choice in this scenario, as their work requires a continually-updated understanding of the total costs required for a variety of construction processes. Their expertise is invaluable for deciding the true costs required to resolve a dispute that has occurred during the building process. As a qualified and experienced Chartered Quantity Surveyor, Derek Monnery can offer the most reliable compilation of witness reports Manningtree-wide.

Why choose Derek Monnery for Expert Witness reports in Manningtree?

Expert Witness reports must be compiled by a genuine expert. Derek Monnery is a highly-qualified chartered quantity surveyor, and is regulated by the Royal Institution of Chartered Surveyors.
Derek Monnery is also highly experienced, both in terms of his working life and compiling witness reports in Manningtree specifically.
Derek Monnery has been offering services for over 40 years, working with a range of different clients, many of whom return to this service repeatedly due to the reliability and professionalism they experience.
Derek Monnery also performs duties as a Monitor for the Considerate Constructors Scheme and, since 2012, has inspected over 750 sites. This has ensured and reinforced the working knowledge and expertise for a variety of projects.
Finally, Derek Monnery has a wealth of experience in compiling Expert Witness reports to be used in court proceedings. This service is completed to a high degree of client satisfaction and builds on previous knowledge of the outcome of former cases, so you can be sure that your report will be compiled by someone who truly knows this process inside out.
Derek Monnery Chartered Quantity Surveyors are able to keep the costs of services lower than many larger agencies, which allows for high-quality Expert Witness reports to be compiled without the need for excessive fees.

So why not get in touch today?

If you require an Expert Witness report to manage a dispute you are currently pursuing through the courts, Derek Monnery Chartered Quantity Surveyors are able to help. Please do get in touch to discuss the matter in more detail, or to just ask a few questions regarding the process and how it works. We look forward to hearing from you soon.

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