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Building Cost Advice and Expert Witness Reports


Listed below are the range of services that we at Derek Monnery, Chartered Quantity Surveyors can offer you. These range from Expert Witness Reports to Insurance Valuations, and includes the full range of Building Cost Advice.  Please ask if you cannot see your requirements below.   We have other expert contacts in the area who may be able to assist you if we are unable to do so. 

Our Services

Derek Monnery has over forty years' experience of the building industry, and is therefore well equipped to offer a comprehensive range of services to our Clients. We specialise in providing building cost advice for: -

New build housing and home extensions: Estimates of cost of the proposed building(s) can be prepared from drawings before the work is started.  When construction starts, the work can be valued for stage payments as work proceeds, and the value of any contract variations negotiated.

Building Refurbishment: Estimates of cost can be prepared from drawings and when construction starts, the work can be valued for stage payments as work proceeds. When refurbishing a building, a site visit is almost always required at an early stage to ascertain the structure and condition of it. 

Building disputes: Unfortunately, the building industry has more than its share of disputes. These are usually concerning quality of workmanship or the costs of works. Derek Monnery has extensive experience in both these fields of practice.

Insurance Claims: Chartered Quantity Surveyors are uniquely skilled to negotiate insurance claims for damage to buildings.  In many cases, the insurance company would be able to cover the cost of our fees so our advice and assistance would be at no charge to our client. 

Projected Rebuilding costs for insurance policies: Every home insurance policy for buildings shows the rebuilding cost. Derek Monnery has the knowledge and expertise to provide Building Cost Advice to ensure that the insured building is not over or under insured.

Expert Witness Reports: In a dispute situation, the Court will often request that an Expert be appointed to justify what is claimed. Reports need to be presented in a certain way to be acceptable to the Court. Chartered Quantity Surveyors are the highest authority to prepare Expert Witness Reports on building matters, due to their proven knowledge of construction and costs. Derek Monnery prepares several Expert Witness Reports every year.

Land and House valuations:  Please note that like most quantity surveyors Derek Monnery does not have the expertise to undertake the market valuations of land or of houses.   This is the speciality of valuation surveyors and chartered surveyors who are estate agents.

RICS Guarantee Of Professional Service

All Chartered Surveying practices are regulated by the Royal Institution of Chartered Surveyors. This means that our customers can be confident that when they choose to contact Derek Monnery Quantity Surveyors, they will be getting a top quality RICS guaranteed service. Some of our Clients have worked with us for over 25 years, and we obtain a high proportion of repeat business.

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If you need any sort of Building Cost Advice in connection with work on new or existing buildings, we should be able to assist you. We offer competitive rates and can operate throughout East Anglia, Essex and London.

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