Quantity Surveyor Colchester

Quantity Surveyor Colchester

Fully-qualified and regulated by the Royal Institution of Chartered Surveyors, Derek Monnery Chartered Quantity Surveyors are established industry professionals with over 40 years of experience. Serving Essex, East Anglia, and the Greater London areas, we provide our services to both domestic and commercial clients.

Looking for a quantity surveyor in Colchester?

Whether you are looking for an estimated cost of a new building or need to give a renovation price to your insurance company, it’s vital that you talk to someone who has plenty of experience in providing costings for proposed building work.

A quantity surveyor’s job is to undertake cost analysis for repair and maintenance work on properties, and to perform risk and value management. Quantity surveyors also keep track of projects during the construction phase to ensure that all costs are within the parameters of initial estimates.

Whenever a property owner wants to extend or renovate a home or building, they need to do two things before giving the go-ahead. First of all, they must determine the feasibility of the project. And, secondly, they need to find out how much the work is likely to cost them.

As you can imagine, it makes sense to seek the help and advice of someone within the industry that understands the actual cost of materials and building projects. If you’re based in Colchester, or, indeed, any other part of Essex, East Anglia, or Greater London, you can rely on Derek Monnery Chartered Quantity Surveyors for assistance with your future project.

Why choose Derek Monnery Chartered Quantity Surveyors?

When it comes to choosing someone that can provide you with realistic project cost estimates, you need to work with a provider that has plenty of industry experience. Derek Monnery Chartered Quantity Surveyors has been providing quantity surveying services for over four decades now and are an established name in the industry.

What’s more, we also have a network of professionals that can offer cost analysis for any unusual or unique construction projects.

How a quantity surveyor in Colchester can help you

Here at Derek Monnery Chartered Quantity Surveyors, we offer a broad range of services to our residential and commercial clients:

• New build housing and property extensions. We can provide cost estimates from drawings and blueprints before any construction work gets approved. What’s more, we are happy to offer a staged payment valuation service so that the cost of any materials needed for your project are in line with your initial cost estimates;

• Property refurbishment. If you have a house or commercial building that is need of renovation, we can arrange a site visit at your convenience to determine its current structure and condition before providing cost estimates;

• Insurance claims. We are skilled negotiators with insurance companies and can help you to negotiate claims on your behalf, usually at no extra cost to yourself as we can typically recover our costs from the insurer;

• Building disputes. Where there are concerns about poor workmanship or high prices, you can count on Derek Monnery Chartered Quantity Surveyors to advise you on how best to proceed;

• Expert witness reports. In case any evidence of building costs needs to get presented at a court hearing, it is standard practice to seek the assistance of a chartered quantity surveyor

To find out more about how Derek Monnery Chartered Quantity Surveyors can help you, please call us on 01255 870469 or mobile 07831 311037. Alternatively, you can email us on derek.monnery@gmail.com

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