Witness Reports Essex

If you are ever in the position where there is a building dispute, it can be an incredibly stressful time. There could be a lot of money involved, either that you lose, or will have to pay out after the Court’s judgement. To ensure there is a fair result, the courts demand a witness report expert is presenting in a fair and balanced way, to justify the claims and show it in a way that is acceptable. At Derek Monnery Chartered Quantity Surveyors, we have been accepting appointments and providing expert witness reports in Essex and the surrounding areas for many years, ensuring that both sides of the dispute feel the case is partial and fair.
Disputes usually happen when works have not been carried out correctly, and once the dispute has been taken to court, expert witness statements must be taken. As a Quantity Surveyor for 25 years - and with experience in the building industry for 40 years - Derek Monnery has vast experience of carrying out expert witness reports in the Greater London area, East Anglia, and everywhere in between. 
With expertise in all kinds of buildings, from office blocks through to Edwardian and Victorian homes, Derek Monnery Chartered Quantity Surveyors are in a position to make expert statements on the vast majority of disputes in a court of law. We have deep knowledge of the materials and techniques used in construction in the modern day and will work tirelessly to ensure justice, and the truth is served. 
Derek Monnery Chartered Quantity Surveyors is regulated by the Royal Institution of Chartered Surveyors and is also enrolled as the Monitor for the Considerate Constructors Scheme. Having been enrolled since 2012, David Monnery has inspected well over 750 sites in the Essex, Suffolk and Central London area, giving him a first-class experience of all kinds of building work. 
It’s this level of expertise that has made Derek Monnery Chartered Quantity Surveyors capable of producing a well drafted, unbiased expert report that has often resulted in both parties being able to reach an agreement - without the need for court. 
Expert witnesses might appear in Court for a presentation of all report findings covering every manner of building work dispute. Derek Monnery Chartered Quantity Surveyors are experienced when being examined and cross-examined by barristers or other legal representatives and is happy to accept questions from parties unhappy with the results. 
Like most other professionals in the field, Derek Monnery Chartered Quantity Surveyors will accept appointment for expert witness reports in Essex, London and Suffolk - and beyond - after fees have been calculated. We will provide a rough estimation of fees based on the expected time the reports take, and will them continue with the work, involving property inspections, document checks, research and statement preparation. 
We can also happily work in unusual circumstances, such as when a case is particularly complex, and each party wishes to have their own expert witness. 
Please contact Derek Monnery Chartered Quantity Surveyors for more information on our expert witness reports service, and we will be happy to oblige and help. 

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