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Here at Derek Monnery Chartered Quantity Surveyors, we understand exactly what you need when it comes to building project advice, expert witness reports, or Insurance Valuations. With a roster of thrilled clients built up over the last 25 years, Derek Monnery Surveyors in Essex can help you with a broad range of surveyor services. 
Derek Monnery has been in the building industry for the past 40 years and has seen it all. And as one of the longest-running surveyors Essex has, we can provide advice on everything from new build housing through to home extensions. We will give you accurate estimates for costs, well before the work has started, and as soon as the job commences, we will keep a tight grip on the spending, to ensure you never pay more than necessary. 
We can help with building refurbishments, too, and specialise in assisting owners with fixing up Victorian and Edwardian houses. And what if there is a dispute? No problem. Derek Monnery Chartered Quantity Surveyors will ensure you get the extensive experience you need to defend your case. We can also help you with insurance claims - a quantity surveyor can be just what you need to negotiate the right payout when it comes to damaged buildings. And the good news is that in the case, the insurance will cover our fees, so there is no extra cost to you.
As surveyors in Essex, we have helped provide expert eyewitness reports for all manner of disputes, whether for questionable workmanship or a rise in the cost of building work. A surveyors role here is to ensure the Court hears exactly what you are claiming - and why - and our proven knowledge on the costs of construction projects mean we have the highest authority when it comes to Expert Witness Reports. 
So whether you are looking for tight controls over your commercial building project, or need help understanding property law in the event of a private dispute with contractors, why not give us a call? Our team will be happy to talk you through your options, give you a simple appraisal, and outline your best course of action.
DOn’t forget, when it comes to anything to do with building projects, costs can often escalate quickly - and get out of hand. To ensure your renovation or building work pans out how you thought, make sure you use a quantity surveyor. 
Whether you are in Greater London, East Anglia, or anywhere in the Essex region, give Derek Monnery Chartered Quantity Surveyors a call today - and we will get you through the project financially unscathed. 
All Chartered Surveyors in Essex or otherwise are regulated by the Royal Institution of Chartered Surveyors. For you, our customers, that means you can contact us in complete confidence, safe in the knowledge that your work will be of a guaranteed standard. We have enjoyed excellent relationships with many of our clients for the past 25 years, and look forward to meeting new ones. 
Contact us for a quick chat - and feel free to ask any questions! 

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